Habits For Longevity Of Stainless Steel Fasteners In India

Stainless steel fasteners is an economically apt option that offers outstanding anti-corrosion properties. This does not mean that they are not going to cost you anything extra or corrode in the long run. Sometimes, a properly-maintained framework breaks down because of the improper habits employed by casual operators. Hence, for preserving long-lasting characteristics of the […]

The Supplier Knows When To Use Eye Bolts In India

It is important for your project to know when to use a regular or standard eye bolt and when to go for something more specialized. Depending on which way the load requires to be pulled, a plain or regular eye bolt may not provide the strength and stability you need. A standard eye bolt will […]

Quality Eye Bolts Manufacturer in India

Eye Bolts finds their application in heavy rigging industries for the lifting and shifting purpose. There is a huge need of high quality eye bolts in big industries such as engineering industries, constructional industries, infrastructure projects, etc. Eye bolts are most commonly used in rigging industries and at Saifeeenggco you will get top quality eye […]

Eye Nuts Manufacturer in India

Eye Nuts are widely used for lifting machines, appliances or other objects that cannot be lifted by hand not even by fork lift trucks. Saifeeenggco offers a wide range of eye nuts with marking on them specifying the parameters such as working load limit, thread diameter, manufacturer’s symbol, traceability code, steel grade, etc. Saifeeenggco is […]

Eye Nuts Supplier In India In All Specifications

Eye nuts are fasteners having looped head. Eye nuts are designed to receive a hook or a rope. Eye nuts are used for different types of applications and are generally round or oval in shape. There are load-rated eye nuts that are designed to be used for vertical lifting. Load-rated eye nuts are not recommended […]